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Guitar Repairs

At Stringbrokers Music Shop we are building an excellent reputation for Guitar Repairs and Set Ups but we also do all the day to day maintenance that helps keep your guitar honest and true which will ultimately give you the best playing experience and the greatest chance of reaching your goals.

From fitting strap locks to setting up Floyd Rose tremolo systems and everything in between Guitar Repairs @ Stringbrokers Music will always do the best for you.

Here is a list of some of the work we do on a day to day basis with some approximate prices. We will always consult with the customer if we find something that needs attention beyond what has been asked and all guitars get a clean up and polish as well as a basic check regardless of the size of job, so all prices include TLC as well as VAT.

Replace Input Jack                                                   £

Rewire Volume or Tone Control                                £

Replace Individual Machine Head                              £

Replace Classical Guitar Machine Head                      £

Replace or Re-cut Nut                                               £

Restring, adjust, check & clean Electric Guitar 
including strings - Ernie Ball or similar                       £

Restring, adjust, check & clean Acoustic Guitar 
including strings - Martin or similar                             £

Restring, adjust, check & clean Classical Guitar 
including strings - Darco or similar                             £

Full set up - including strings - Electric                       £

Full set up - including strings - Acoustic                     £

All prices are approximate and variables such as 12 string guitars, Bass guitars, different makes of strings such as Elixir will can the final price.